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Low energy buildings

Low-energy building is any type of building that uses less energy than a regular house.
It is considered that they uses around half of the German & Swiss low-energy standards mentioned below for heating of premises, typically in the range from 30 kWh/m²a to 20 kWh/m²a

Low-energy buildings typically use:
  • High levels of thermal insulation of buildings structures (roofs, walls, grounds, socle &etc.);
  • Energy efficient windows, doors sky-lights;
  • Low levels of air infiltration;
  • Solution aimed for lower heating lighting and cooling energy consumption, as energy saving lamps, heat recovery ventilation, combined heating systems using earth heat exchangers, heat-pumps, warm air convection, etc.;
  • They also use passive solar building design techniques;
  • And active solar technologies;
  • These homes may use hot water heat recycling technologies to recover heat from showers and dishwashers;
  • These homes may use air exchange technologies by using inside weather warm for recuperates into ventilation devices;
  • Improved buildings energy efficiency through using efficient household appliances, energy sawing fluorescent lighting etc.;
  • Weatherproofing - efficient protecting a building and its interior from the elemental impact, particularly from sun warm surplus, rain, snow and wind, and modifying a building structures to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.
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