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Industrial and logistic buildings

Plastic raw material (PET) plant in Klaipeda region – Project KLAI-PET
Complex of 34 production buildings and subsidary structures
Engineering utilities, inner roads and platforms, territory arangement
Technology engineering and supply done by „MG Engineering Zimmer“ (Germany)
Technology equipments and pipping systems erection
Contract value – 130 mln.Lt. (37,6 mln.EUR)
Construction 2005-2007
Builder: „Petrochemical Holding AG“ (Austria), „Neo Group“ UAB (Lithuania)

Extension of „FM Logistic“ logistic center in Moscow distr. (Russia)
Overall area – 23 000 sq.m.(warehouses, packers, offices)
Contract value – 45,8 mln.Lt (13,2 mln.EUR)
Construction 2002-2003
Builder: „FM Logistic SEVO“ (France)

“Maxima" Logistic center in Kekava near Riga (Latvia)
Overall area 20 500 sq.m
Construction period 2003-2004 m.
Builder: „NDX Development“ UAB

“SICOR Biotech" biotechnology pharmaceutical enterprice at Molėtų road in Vilnius
Overall area 1860 kv.m
Full-scale technology engineering and supply by company „Pharmadule“ AB (Sweden)
Project implemented according FIDIC contract conditions. Engineer - SWECO (Sweden)
Completed in 2000
Builder: „Biotechna“ UAB

Alcohol distillery and champaign factories in Beslan (Nord Osetia, Russia)
Full-scale technology engineering an supply by company GEA (Germany)
Buildings structuries and sheeting engineering and supply by company ASTRON buildings systems (Luxembourg)
Alcohol distillery area 4800 m2 (building hight - 24m)
Champaign production area 11 000 m2 (building hight - 25m)
Constructed during 1997
Builder: ZAO "Istok" (Russia)

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