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Monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems is essential for reliable functioning and maximum yield of any solar electric system. The most simple inverter check (monitoring) can be performed by reading values on display - display (usually LCD) is part of (almost) each grid-connected inverter. Most important inverter (or grid) related parameters are available on-line. Values like PV array power, AC (grid) power, PV array current etc are usually available.

For sophisticated monitoring and control purposes environmental data - like module temperature, ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed etc. - can also be data logged, stored and analysed later. Remote control and monitoring can be performed by various remote connections: analog modem, ISDN, GSM etc. USB connection is also available. Additional services like satellite based monitoring (SPYCE) are also available.

Website portal

Web service free of charge
for the visualization and
archiving of system data.

Beam box

Wireless plant monitoring

Sensor box

Interruption free performance
monitoring of PV systems

Web box

Plant monitoring, remote
diagnosis, data acquisition
and visualization

Matrix display

Large-format display for the
individual presentation of
system data.

Conrol box

Solid and proven data
logger. Optimally primed for
all system sizes.

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